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Romance Series

The Romance Series Bundle which includes a revised and re-edited version of Starting Over and Looking For Love is now available for just $1.50!!! It’s a deal.

I have revised and re-edited Starting Over and Looking For Love also for you to buy separately. All links for the Romance Series are below. 

Romance Bundle $1.50


Starting Over
Danny is a single mother unsure of how to start to find love again after two years of being alone and her ex not around to be a father to her son. Her family ended when finding out the father of her son was a serial cheater and she doesn’t see how any other man would want to be with her now when she has a son when even her ex didn’t seem to want her. With the help of her best friend, she tries to search for love with someone who can accept her and her son. The handsome Mike Bourne walks into her life sweeping her up off her feet along with her son. But when her ex decides to come back into her life, will he ruin everything with her and this new found love or will it bring her and Mike closer together? Follow Danny on her quest for love with a few laughs and hope for starting over.

Starting Over is just .99 cents. Get your copy now.

*This is a standalone
*For readers 19+ due to sex and language


Looking For Love 


Maddy finally gets her chance at love after watching her two best friends find their happily ever after. But just as she starts to realize Cade may be hers, her ex Jared comes back into her life throwing her into confusion. 

Will Maddy choose Cade who has made her realize that not all men are bad, or will she take back Jared who has broken her heart more than once buts I now claiming he’s changed and is ready to have a future?

Looking For Love is now available for just .1.99 Add it to your TBR
*This is a standalone

*For readers 18+ due to language and sex


Taken Series

Save Me

Save Me is just .99 cents on Amazon. 

Check out what other readers are saying about this dark Read!




There’s a moment that comes in your life when you realize you need to make a choice between choosing the one you love and setting them free to find someone that would be more deserving of them then yourself. Although you hope that it’s as the saying goes, ‘if you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were’ by the infamous Richard Bach. That’s what I did. I set her free because I loved her enough to let her choose her path in life and love. It was the worst mistake I ever made where she was concerned. I should have been there for her. I should have told her of my feelings sooner and maybe she wouldn’t be gone. She wouldn’t be gone because I would have been the one to take her to and from school. She wouldn’t be gone because when she realized that her car was broken down she would have called me to come get her instead of accepting a ride from her teacher. Her teacher who was said to have been the last one to see her before she was kidnapped.

*For readers 18+ due to language, adult situations, sex, and rape scenes
*this is not a standalone
Break Me

Break Me (Taken Series book 2)


*This is not a stand alone. Please read Save Me before starting this book.

*18+ readers due to language, adult content and sexual situations including rape scenes and violence

A little over 6 months after being kidnapped, Sierra has finally realized there is no escape in sight. There is nobody to save her and she has accepted her fate. Or is there? A ghost from the past makes their presence known but will she break before she can be saved?

Jeremy has taken his uncles business and turned it into an empire. Nobody can touch him now. As he tries to win Sierra’s heart, it becomes apparent that even as he has been victorious in the business world, his personal life still needs some work. And now he has found out there is another threat can ruin everything that he has worked so hard to gain.

Forrest knows he doesn’t have long to get to Sierra and the wait is killing him. Hiding away so nobody knows he is alive, he finally finds the break he is looking for but what will it cost him? He is willing to die fighting for the woman he loves but he is not alone in his mission. Now he has to worry that Damon, his best friend and Sierra’s brother doesn’t get hurt in the process.

Anything can happen and lives are at stake. Who will live? Who will die? Who will come out of this more broken than when it started?



Fate by Whitney Cannavina

Lainey has lost everyone she’s loved.

Her parents.

Her grandma.

And now her fiance.

When her fiance’s brother, Brad walks in like a knight in shinning armor ready to offer her support, she can’t help but feel the pull of deep attraction that has her running scared. Lainey tries to distance herself from Brad and his relentless pursuit of her, frightened that Fate will take him from her like everyone else she has ever loved.

But Brad has other ideas. He doesn’t believe that fate makes his destiny,only he does.

*This is a standalone

*For readers 18+ due to language, adult and sexual situations




I take a good look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I’m not gorgeous by any means but I do find myself pretty. My long dark locks hang loose before I throw it into a messy bun to get it out of the way. There is minimal makeup on my face with just a touch of powder and some mascara to make my eyes pop. The freckles splattered lightly along my cheeks seem to make me look younger than my 23 years. However, as I stare into my dark brown eyes, they tell a different story. 

I grew up too fast after losing my parents when I realized the world wasn’t fair. My grandmother did her best to care for me but she was old and frail. I always assumed I would have lost her years earlier but I was lucky for the time I did have with her. I had to help care for her though, just as much as she cared for me. I learned how to cook not long after moving into her house, and I had to do every chore there was because it was too difficult for her. I made sure she took her pills on time everyday among other things. By the time I had been with her a year, I felt more like her parent then she was to me. 

When I lost her years later, I was devastated just as much as I was losing my parents and at the time I only had Sean and his family left. I had no other family as I took care of myself. I went to college, got a great job, and was well on my way to living the life I always imagined. But it had always felt empty somehow. Like there as a missing piece and I could never figure out what it was that was missing from my life.

Until now.

I loved Sean. I still do. He will always have a piece of my heart but Brad has always had my soul. Sean just filled some of the void that Brad had left behind when we were younger. 

I am shocked to realized that after all this time Brad has felt the same. Now that he is here claiming me, making me his irrevocably, and filling everything I never realized was missing in my life, I am scared. It was one thing to lose Sean. I knew eventually I could move on with my life and look back on the memories of him with a smile. If something were to happen to Brad, I would become shattered. Forever broken and I would wither away into nothing. I would only ever just exist. 

Life has a way of taking everything that I love


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